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Discover the news series  colorful works of style pop-art that honors the artist Kim Taehyung 김태형, V뷔, of K-POP group BTS 방탄소년단.


Kim Taehyung 김태형

1004 is a limited edition, pop-art style, featuring famous singer and dancer Kim Taehyung/V of K-POP group BTS. Each canvas is numbered and printed using the Fine Art printing technique with pigment inks.

The 1004 artwork series comes in several formats and colors, offering a wide range of choices.

The canvas in format 94 x 94cm  assembles 4 images of different colors.

The canvas also exists in format 50x70cm and 40x40cm, showcasing an unique image that comes in 4 different colors, choose the one of your choice.



"This painting is the materialization of a crush. A 9 month labor to see the birth of an angel. This work is above all an introverted and personal act. The realization of a vision or a love for a continent of Asia.


I first fell in love with a perfectly beautiful black and white photo, which I wanted to transcribe in 2D with my vision, in Indian ink. The particularity of my canvas is that it was drawn in a single line, without adding white without correction or adjustment. Perfection without a draft!


It was then scanned and digitized, its model was registered as intellectual property with the National Institute of Trademarks. I had to surround myself with the best for this project, I associated myself with a printer specialized in works of art who works with the quality of the canvas and the color printing of museums. The combination of an extremely pure art paper and the superior quality of the ink layers guaranteed me an extraordinary print quality in terms of colors, depths and contrasts, with a conservation of more than 100 years.


The chosen pop art colors are very personal. My visit to Gamcheon Culture Village in Busan, South Korea largely contributed to transforming my original model into the Little Prince of St Exupéry, tender and universal with philosophical thoughts filled with love and hope. Then the multi-faceted personality of the model, gave free rein to my imagination by diverting the codes and giving way to extravagance and more eccentric and less conventional elegance but always with the sole aim of emphasizing her grace and her beauty. The only common point of my sketches is the luscious purple mouth of the model recalling the magic and the delicacy of the dream and a nod to "I purple you"!


Each model is printed in limited numbers with a certificate of authenticity and individually signed by myself as an original work. It is an evolutionary version that will allow collectors and investors to grow and grow their private collection".

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