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Feng-Shui is the art and science of living in harmony with your living space. It allows the creation and optimisation of harmonious and pleasant places to live or work.

Feng Shui is a 6000 year old chinese science which has revealed itself despite the modernization of our society and our lives, as an harmonious art of living. Wether at work or in your private life, it offers a pleasant and smooth balance, influencing success and well-being. It helps to determine the most favorable positions and moments to realize ourselves.


The KI (CHI) is the essential energy for maintaining physical, environmental and emotional balance. It connects our life to the immediate environment in relation to elements of cause and effect. Improving the KI helps optimize for more positive energy.

There are different schools of traditional Feng-Shui. Although it used to be reserved for the elitist and dominant classes of society for its virtues, Feng-Shui is now accessible to everyone, and allows you to take or resume control of your life à la carte according to your needs and expectations.


Feng-Shui makes it possible to benefit from the environment by capturing the good energies and diverting the bad ones. It helps to determine the right person, the right action, the right time, the right place, by identifying the forces of the energetic flows of space and time.


Feng-Shui allows in particular to:

  • Rebalance the space by respecting the principles of Ying and Yang.

  • Favor the 5 elements for harmonious proportions.

  • Identify and interpret the Bagua of your interior to define your sectors.

  • Calculate your Ming Gua and understand how you affect others and are affected by them.

  • Understand and analyze the periods, spaces and directions that are beneficial to you.

  • Allow the KI a regular flow so that it diffuses its energy evenly in your living or working space.

What are your fengshui projects?

fengshui benefits 풍수 bienfaits du fengshui
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