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Delivery times and tracking

The delivery of all products, works of art and furniture are available internationally. Delivery times vary according to geographical areas, for information only:

For Europe: 7 to 14 working days

For International: 14 to 28 working days

You will receive email notifications to inform you at each stage of the delivery process of your products. A tracking number will also be sent to you to track your shipment via the shipping company's website.

Note however that it is possible that in some countries shipping times may be extended due to the imposition of certain health rules still in force linked to the global pandemic or due to a local economy disrupted by global conflicts.

Packaging and protection of fabrics

All products and works of art are properly packaged to minimize the risk of breakage during delivery. For canvases, we recommend the use of wooden boxes or rigid “Cardboard” packaging, which will meet the needs of the work, taking into account its weight and dimensions.

The works and furniture sold being unique and fragile products, they are subject to specific delivery and transport conditions requiring the use of special packaging and transport methods, which can only be entrusted to professionals in the sector concerned.

Shipping cost

The shipping costs are the responsibility of the customer and appear in your basket once the place of delivery has been indicated and validated. Costs are determined by the size and weight of the item you are purchasing, as well as shipping (usually the artist's studio) and delivery location. The costs can sometimes seem high: rest assured that we do everything we can to obtain the best value for money and in the safest way possible. We work with the best transport companies available.

Customs charges for shipments outside the European Union

Customs clearance must be applied to all items coming from a foreign country. Additional customs duties and taxes may apply and you will need to pay these to local authorities in order to collect your package. Unfortunately, we cannot keep up to date with each country's customs policy. The final amount of the order should therefore be considered "excluding customs fees", as you will see on the payment card. In order to know the tax policy of your country applied to imported works of art, we invite you to contact the customs authorities. Generally, the shipping company bears the customs fees and taxes for you when the product is shipped and imported. In this case, you will have to pay extra for customs duties upon receipt of your work directly to the transport company.

If you have any questions, contact us.

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